If you had told us at the beginning of last summer that we were about to embark on a new version of content at BrightGauge, we probably would have thought you’re crazy. There’s definitely no way we would have believed that mid-summer 2016 would see us 20 episodes in to our own podcast, and with a waiting list for new guests!
It all started as a casual chat about new forms of marketing content between myself and BrightGauge co-Founder, Eric Dosal. While it’s hard to remember all of the details in that conversation, it’s safe to say that the excitement snowballed and before we knew it a microphone was ordered and we were sitting down to record our first episode, all within a matter of weeks.


Cut to a year later, and it’s hard to believe that it’s all flown by so quickly! We’ve had a ton of fun welcoming our guests and sharing each episode with the community - not to mention that we’ve learned a ton also!


Since we’re celebrating a landmark for The BrightGauge Podcast, let’s take a look back at our Top 5 most-listened to episodes (or find all the episodes on iTunes or SoundCloud):


Episode 10: Driving Better Team Behavior with Dashboards, featuring Nick Olerud of NetrixIT
Everyone realizes the correlation between dashboards and data management, but how do dashboards help with team management?

We invited Nick Olerud, Director of Technology at Netrix IT, to join us for a conversation about how Netrix leveraged dashboards and the resulting transparency to increase SLA compliance, help hold each teammate accountable, and manage their Sales funnel. Then Nick’s discussion with Eric Dosal works it’s way into all the details of positioning and balancing co-managed IT deals, plus an inside look at the Traction EOS system for operating a small business.


Episode 9: All About Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) for Service Providers, with Brad Benner of SmileBack
Ever wonder how an idea for software comes to life? And what’s the big deal about customer surveys, anyway?

In our conversation with Brad Benner, founder of SmileBack (branded as at the time the podcast was recorded), we first learned a bit about how he picked the solutions that focuses on and the process of bringing those ideas to life in the SaaS market. Then Brad offered us a comprehensive look at all aspects of Customer Satisfaction for Service Providers: the need for using a specialized CSAT tool, how helps boost survey responses, the best ways to utilize CSAT data, and so much more.


Episode 5: Growing a MSP Business, featuring Josh Kotler of Western Digitech
When building a Technology Services company, how do you keep up with ever-changing industry trends in order to grow your team and business?

As the head of a rapidly growing MSP practice, Josh Kotler knows all about the challenges and opportunities we hear from many other folks within the community. One of the topics Josh covers is the role of vCIO and how Western Digitech utilizes them along with Network Admins to ensure the right solutions are in place for each client. Besides diving into the vCIO role, Josh also chats about contract structures, dividing his team into key delivery areas, setting customer expectations, and more.


Episode 3: Building a Sales Team, featuring Matt Gallo of United Data Technologies
If growing a Sales Team from scratch and then maintaining their precise focus isn’t hard enough, how will you approach the topic of their salary?

Matt Gallo is the Territory Sales Manager of the SMB Division of United Data Technologies based in Miami. He joined us to talk about his experience in building a sales division for one of the largest Managed IT teams in South Florida: his transition from sales to sales management, keeping his team focused on hunting new business, the candidates he looks for in the hiring process and even the hot topic of how to compensate a sales team.


Episode 6: Insights from MSP Coach and Expert, Gary Pica
What better way is there to learn about the MSP industry than from someone who has already forged the path?

Gary Pica is well-known for being founder of the TruMethods peer group, but prior to that Gary owned one of the fastest-growing MSPs in the States with over 7,000 endpoints under management in a multimillion-dollar practice. As the head of TruMethods, Gary has coached more than 1,500 MSPs over the course of the last 5 years - and we were thrilled that he shared some great industry insights with us.


With year one under our belts on The BrightGauge Podcast, we’re thrilled to see where the next chapter takes us!

If you have a topic suggestion for an upcoming episode, or if you are interested in joining us as a guest, please leave a comment below.

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