Among the many things they do right, Network Doctor, an MSP firm based out of the Northern US, excels at keeping their engineers engaged and always focused on where they can help out next. Through their BrightGauge dashboards, each is able to cover a little self-triaging while seeing where their metrics line up for the day.


We recently hosted a webinar with our longtime partners to go over how they use their dashboards to keep their techs motivated while on top of the endless ticket queues. Watch the webinar here: Pushing for Accountability & Auditing your Data with Network Doctor.  


For the dashboard featured, Network Doctor partner David Birk shared how they create individual dashboards for each team member. Color thresholds are then set to show the split of what the technician has on their plate, stats from the previous week, and where there is room for them to pick up "In-Progressable" tickets (tickets that aren't waiting on the customer and may be progressed along). 


Engineer Dashboard - public view link

Image 2020-06-29 at 12.26.19 PM

Engineer Dashboard key - public link with instructions on how to rebuild in your BrightGauge


KPIs displayed - filtered for each technician:

Your Hr./Ticket Ratio - Last 30 Days
Team Weekly Average (2-Week Lookback)
Assigned Today
Completed Today
Worked On Today
Your Ticket Stats For LAST Week (Member Board)
Your Ticket Stats For THIS Week (Member Board)
Hours Entered Today
Past Due Items
In-Progressable - Today's Ratio
In Progress Currently
In-Progressable Tickets
Your "New to Completed" Stats (HD Board Tickets Only)
Your Surveys This Year
Your 30-Day Utilization Average
Survey Leaderboard
Your Hours By Client



This type of dashboard has provided the Network Doctor team with a high level of visibility and transparency that has helped keep productivity consistent, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.


To recreate these dashboards for your own teams, check out the links below:

Public view link - Engineer-filtered Dashboard

Buildout Key Instructions


Please feel free to reach out to with any questions you have!

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