In the era of remote work, how are you bringing your team members together and keeping them focused? Many of our partners swear by using goals to combat this challenge.


Goal-setting is an effective and proven way to align team members and keep everyone marching down the same path. Maybe you're familiar with Gino Wickman's book Traction, which introduces the Entrepreneurial Operations System (EOS), a process many managed service providers (MSPs) use to grow and optimize their business. By setting goals, whether through EOS or another process, you're creating a culture of accountability that can have a really positive impact on your business. 


Implementing a goal-setting system is an excellent place to start, but how are you having conversations around those goals with your whole team?


This month's report, a Goals and EOS Tracking Weekly Report, is a great way to move forward.


Goals and EOS Tracking Weekly Report - view here


Sample Goals and EOS Tracking Weekly Report in BrightGauge


This report can be used as a weekly check-in for operations meetings. It structures the meeting so the conversation is guided towards where the team stands with their goals, what's being done to meet their core values, what tasks/projects are currently open, what's overdue, and what known issues need to be addressed.


Having this weekly check-in where every team member is responsible for playing their part can have a huge impact on how productive, efficient, and overall happy your team members are. 


To recreate this report for your own team, check out the links below:

Goals and EOS Tracking Weekly Report (Public view link)

Goals and EOS Tracking Weekly Report Buildout Key 


Please feel free to reach out to with any questions you have!

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